Warranty Policy

AC Parts Warranty Information

At Air 4 Cars, we guarantee the parts we sell are free from manufacturer defects for one year from date of purchase. Simply put, if we sell you a part that fails due to a defect in materials or workmanship under normal use and service after proper installation, we’ll replace it.

What’s not covered:

• Normal wear and tear.

• Parts damaged by improper installation, misuse, abuse or modification; accidents; use not intended for the product(s), corrosion; environmental conditions including natural disasters; installation of an incorrect part; and damages caused by other faulty parts.

• Damages for loss of use, loss of time of profit, or income, or any incidental damage.

• Damages to property, even if due to part failure.

• Other costs associated with the failure of product(s) including, labor, refrigerant, refrigerant oil, physical injuries, rental vehicle charges, towing, and shipping.


Standard industry service practice and manufacturers compressor replacement procedures must be followed, and the right amount of refrigerant must be added. Improper installation or use voids the warranty.

Installation Procedures

1. Remove refrigerant, following all federal guidelines and regulations and remove old compressor.

2. Removal of hoses, accumulator/ receiver drier, and expansion valve or orifice tube are needed for proper flushing.

3. Do not flush any of the following components. Accumulator/ receiver drier, expansion valve, orifice tube, or liquid lines with built in orifice tubes. These items must be replaced.

4. Flush condenser, evaporator core, and all hoses with an approved flush. It’s best to flush the condenser and evaporator core many times in both directions to achieve the cleanest system possible.

5. Use only a non residue solvent such as “Dura Flush II” or “MasterChem” followed by compressed air in the condenser and evaporator as these solvents tend to evaporate quickly. Extra care is necessary to blow all the solvent from the evaporator as often the tubes are not at the lowest point of the core. For compressors that have had major failure, the condenser should be replaced.

6. Always, WITH NO EXCEPTION, install a new accumulator/ receiver drier, expansion valve, and orifice tube. Certain vehicles require a new “liquid line” which contains the orifice tube.

7. The system must be evacuated for at least 45 minutes.

8. Charge system with the appropriate amount of refrigerant.

Note: If converting from R12 to R134a. Be careful not to overcharge the system. Less R134a is required.

Return Policy Before you return a part, please contact Air 4 Cars in advance. We’ll issue a return merchandise authorization (RMA) for you to return the defective part. Then you ship the part back along with proof of purchase and we’ll send a refund or a new part at our discretion as agreed in the RMA. Only Air 4 Cars management representatives are authorized to assume any kind of liability.